Recycling, planting trees and eating local organic fruit and vegetables are some ways that you can reduce your impact on our environment. Traditional pest treatments can have harmful effects on our natural surroundings, however, Insectek has put forth an organic pest control solution that helps sustain natural ecosystems and local wildlife. Organic pest control is an environmentally friendly solution to eliminate pests without the harmful chemicals usually involved. Check out just a few of the benefits of organic – or green – pest control treatment!

Emphasis on Natural

Green pest control solely focuses on earth-derived ingredients. These pest control treatments are chemical free and contain naturally derived pesticides. Many products contain plant-derived materials or minerals in the form of dust powders. In replacement of toxic chemicals, organic oils are found as a natural solution to effectively get rid of pests in your home.

Non-Toxic Benefits

Using organic pest control ensures that your problem will be taken care of without putting yourself, your kids or your pets in harm’s way. Chemicals used in regular pest control treatments can be toxic. By switching to organic solutions, the stress of an unexpected interaction between pest control products and your kids and animals will fade away.

Long-Term Results

Many chemical pest control solutions need to be revisited over and over again. Organic pest control solutions last longer than chemical sprays that need to be reapplied promptly. This makes eliminating a pest in your home much easier than traditional methods – saving you time and money on future treatment applications.

Pests Can’t Resist

Survival of the fittest does, in fact, apply in this circumstance. Chemical pest control solutions allow for the pests to build up a tolerance and survive, thus producing other generations of pests that have accumulated this tolerance as well. Because organic solutions are biologically based rather than synthetically based, building up a tolerance is much harder for the pests.

Insectek Pest Solutions Offers Safe and Effective Organic Pest Control Treatment

Organically derived pest control is the way to go. Put your trust in the hands of a pest control company valued by our community – Insectek Pest Solutions. Our expert exterminators use EPA-approved or organic products for all pest control problems. We take pride in our ability to get your pest problems under control while being environmentally cautious. Call us at (602) 795-7850 or click here for a free evaluation! Take advantage of our 5% discount for seniors, teachers, first-responders, and military veterans.

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