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Not all pest control services are quality, and not all technicians are trustworthy. Anyone can put on a collared shirt, knock on your door, and claim to work for the city’s best pest control company. That, however, doesn’t mean they’re legit.

Just remember, when some random salesperson unexpectedly shows up on your doorstep, be cautious, and make informed decisions. Here, then, are a few tips to help you differentiate pest companies that are worth your time and those that are not.

Door-to-Door Pest Control

Some pest companies sign contracts with door-to-door sales teams that don’t have any experience in the industry. Even worse, some of these third-party sales organizations aren’t vested in your satisfaction, just the sale. They’re incentivized with bonuses that drive them to do and say just about ANYTHING to get you to sign on the dotted line. We’ve even heard stories about terribly unscrupulous tactics, such as when salespeople have planted dead insects around homes to make the homeowner’s need seem all the more urgent.

In many instances, these salespeople will claim to have the lowest prices in the area. The problem is – you’ll get what you pay for, which is most likely an unsatisfactory service. 

Sure, not all of these salespeople are bad apples. But be cautious of anyone who wants to sell you something who, first, doesn’t have an appointment and second, is overly aggressive with their sales tactics. 

If, however, you are considering an offer from such a salesperson, check up on the company they claim to represent – just like you would any potential purchase – through sources such as your Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Google, Facebook, and customers in your area. That brings us to the next tip …

They Don’t Care About You, They Care About Your Money

The companies that contract with these sales teams frequently have bad online reviews and ratings. They tend to spend all their money on sales and marketing, and neglect customer service. Your money is more important to them than your satisfaction. Besides, they’ll be long gone by the time you realize you signed up for a pest service that doesn’t live up to the promises they made.

Make an Informed Decision

Most reputable pest control companies don’t engage in door-to-door sales. Instead, they focus on customer retention and less aggressive sales strategies. They want to do things the right way and provide you with the best and most suitable service. 

Insectek has NEVER used door-to-door salespeople, and we NEVER will. We take a consultative approach with our customers and determine their needs before recommending a pest control service. 

Are you interested in a pest control company that will provide you with quality pest control and great customer service? Learn more about Insectek’s residential services. And while you’re at it, check out the reviews of our work on any number of online services, and look us up via the Better Business Bureau, where we have an A+ rating. At Insectek we don’t “ring and run.” We understand that a satisfied customer is long-term customer.