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Defending your home from unwanted intruders is the goal of quality pest control. Some pest control companies, however, will send salespeople unannounced to your door, looking to sell you their services simply for the sake of making a sale. While these “technicians” might be nicely dressed and give you an eloquent speech, we recommend taking caution before making a purchase.

We’re not saying that all door-to-door services are scams; they just might not offer the effective services you’re likely to find with local technicians. This guide will help you differentiate between petty salesmen and quality pest control services that are worth your time and money.

Why is There Door-to-Door Pest Control Service?

When a door-to-door pest control sales team is telling you that they work for “the best pest control company in America,” you need to understand their motives. Many pest companies will hire reps with little-to-no experience in the industry who have no connection to the actual service at all – their only goal is to get you to sign on the dotted line. This isn’t to say that all salespeople are bad actors or that the companies they represent can’t provide pest control services – but we’ve sure seen some horror stories.

Some examples of unscrupulous tactics employed by door-to-door pest companies is keeping a digital log of when you are home so that their salespeople can canvas the neighborhood efficiently. In addition to this somewhat off-putting tracking, we’ve even heard of salespeople planting dead insects around properties to ‘point out’ during their visit.

Aside from unethical tactics such as these, it’s also extremely common for companies to be subsidiaries of giant pest control conglomerates who use generic, expensive, and unhealthy products. Make sure to ask about the company they represent, ask about their practices and management, and research their brand on Yelp, Google, and Facebook to see if they are a local company.

Issues with Door-to-Door Pest Companies

When you call a reputable local pest control service near you, they will give you a free consultation and send a technician out for a thorough inspection alongside initial treatment. When you are engaging with a door-to-door sales team, they will be looking to get your commitment for services you may not even need.

A byproduct of these companies having recruiters out in neighborhoods is increased costs because, well, the salesmen need to get paid too! Their goal is to create cookie-cutter services that they can market across the state or nation. As a result, they can’t invest as much in their actual products and services, including training local technicians and updating their pesticide solutions to more eco and health-friendly options.

Don’t be fooled by an offer of a discount either – saving some money on one ineffective pest control visit is essentially burning your cash. Instead, invest in pest control companies that will effectively treat and prevent pests long term.

Save Time and Money with Proper Pest Control

In addition to door-to-door pest control sales being subpar and overpriced, contracting with them will also prevent you from getting the best elements of a top-notch local pest control company near you. 

When you hire a licensed pest control technician to come to your house, you can expect:

  • Free consultation via email, website, or phone
  • Full walkthrough of your property to assess all issues
  • Proprietary pest-control mixes specific to each pest problem
  • Eco-friendly and property-safe applications of pest control
  • Itemized invoices and scheduled services
  •  No one will knock on your door uninvited

Most reputable pest control companies don’t engage in door-to-door sales. Instead, they focus on developing a relationship of reliability and trust with their customers. They’ll do things the right way and provide you with the best service suitable to your unique pest control needs. Developing a relationship with a good pest control provider can save you thousands of dollars and hours of your time over the long run. 

Get the Best Local Pest Control in Arizona

Insectek has NEVER used door-to-door salespeople, and we NEVER will. We take a consultative approach with our customers and determine their needs before recommending any pest control service. 

Are you interested in a pest control company that will give you effective results as well as great customer service? Learn more about Insectek’s residential services.

While you’re at it, check out reviews of our work on any number of online services, or look us up via the Better Business Bureau, where we have an A+ rating. At Insectek we don’t “ring and run.” We understand that a satisfied customer is a long-term customer. Contact us today!

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