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Palo Verde beetles are distinguished for their shocking size and flying abilities. These beetles are noted to show up like clockwork, just in time for Arizona’s monsoon season. Palo Verde beetles live and feed on the Palo Verde tree, hence how these creatures have acquired their name. These crawlers are the perfect case of not “judging a book by its cover.” Although frightening to the eye, the beetles are relatively harmless. Keep an eye out because mating season is in full effect in the upcoming months of June and July. Luckily, the specialists at Insectek Pest Solutions have provided you with key points about these misunderstood insects.

The Beginning Stages Of Palo Verde Bugs

Like every specimen, the beetles don’t just magically appear from thin air. These beetles are first larvae that gnaw through the roots of the Palo Verde trees. The beetles take shelter for 2-3 years before emerging (thanks to monsoon season) to find their perfect mate. When these larvae finally see the light of day, they are now fully developed beetles ranging from about 3-3.5 inches in length.

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Are Palo Verde Beetles Harmless?

If a huge bug the size of your hand comes flying towards you, it is understandable that you will not maintain a calm demeanor. Although these insects may startle you, have no fear, they are innocent. They can deliver a painful pinch, but only if you decide to bother these peaceful creatures. The Palo Verde beetles are not toxic to humans or other creatures. With a diet consisting of nectar and fruit, your greenery and well-being are secure. It is safe to say that the next time you see a Palo Verde beetle it is best just to let it be.

How do you keep away Palo Verde Beetles?

Even though these insects are harmless, we know that they are still an unwanted guest. The first step of prevention is to check if you have Palo Verde trees near or around your home. If you do, technically your home is their home. The key insight to remember is that these beetles enjoy decomposing roots. Keeping your trees healthy and maintained will help keep these creatures at bay.

Goodbye Summer, Goodbye Beetles

As the Summer months come to an end, so does Palo Verde beetle season. Initially, the beetle emerges due to the summer monsoons. After the beetles emerge from the Palo Verde tree, the search for a mate begins. After finding a mate, the beetles bury back down into the Palo Verde tree, mate, and then die. Although the beetles only live for a short month or two, the cycle does not end. The laid eggs will hatch, and those offspring will grow until it is their time to have their summertime fling.

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