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You have so many choices when it comes to choosing the right Phoenix pest control company to service your residential or commercial space. The Phoenix area has hundreds of exterminators, all touting themselves as being the best option for your home or business needs. However, and as we have learned through years of being the premier Phoenix pest control professionals, talk is cheap. The real proof of how good an exterminator is can be found in their personal character and professional proficiency.

How to Know if an Exterminator is Right for You
The following are several quick and easy ways to know if a Phoenix pest control company is right for you:

Get references. Reputable exterminators have loyal customers who will vouch for their quality of work and customer service. If a pest control company refuses to give references, or doesn’t have a social media account where people have left positive feedback, then you have every right to be suspicious of their body of work. We are happy to provide customer feedback to help you feel comfortable with us before we ever step foot into your residential or commercial space.
Pay attention to how their exterminators present themselves. You would not feel comfortable trusting your safety to a police officer wearing raggedy clothes, or a trust your health to a doctor who looks like they have not showered in a week. So why would you trust your home or business space to an exterminator who doesn’t present themselves professionally and authoritatively? At Insectek, our Phoenix pest control professionals are all uniformed and highly experienced in their trade.
Ask how they vet their exterminators. Allowing someone you do not personally know, and whose character you cannot vouch for, into your home or business is a serious trust issue, and potentially dangerous at that. At Insectek, our Phoenix exterminators are drug and background tested to ensure that you trust your home or business space to someone who is indeed trustworthy and of a high moral character.
Ask if they are locally vested. Sure, you can give your hard earned money to a national company or corporate conglomeration, but rarely if ever does that money benefit the local economy. Insectek is a locally owned, operated and vested Phoenix pest control company that loves to give back to the community—because without our local and loyal customers, we would not be able to serve this wonderful community like we do.
Ask if they are knowledgeable about the specific pest threats Phoenix faces. Although pests are universal, pest control is still somewhat geographically specific based on the critters and creatures native to any particular area. Our Phoenix exterminators have a lot of experience working to eradicate common but dangerous pests in this area, including scorpions, spiders and bed bugs.

Your Professional Phoenix Pest Control Experts
Insectek is proud to be a family owned and operated, locally vested and transparently trusted Phoenix pest control company. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, impeccable attention to detail, and to only hiring the most trustworthy and courteous exterminators who mirror our own values and ethics in the workplace, and in their personal lives as well.

When the time comes to schedule pest control services for your home or business, you can trust the Phoenix exterminators at Insectek with all of your residential and commercial pest control needs. Contact us today with any questions you might have, or to schedule your appointment. Thank you for your business, and we look forward to serving you and your family in 2016 and beyond!

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